Services Offered

Hi there! Welcome to my photography site. I am an artist and amateur mineralogist, and particularly enjoy the challenges of photographing very small mineral subjects. I also enjoy photographing other subjects.

The photographic services I offer are:

  • Mineral photography, particularly microphotography (for your own collection purposes, or to illustrate an article).
  • Stock photos (these can be acquired from my Pond5 site).
  • Image post-processing.
  • Profile photos.

I also run a Patreon page. I have published the Collector’s Guide to the Minerals of Flinders, Victoria, Australia and the Collector’s Guide to the Minerals of Spring Creek, South Australia. I also publish a monthly mineral magazine, the Monthly Mineral Chronicles. Join my exclusive community and be a part of this exciting venture!

Examples of my photos:

Super Macro Mineral Photography

Wildlife Photography

Portrait Photography